SeaTrans: Your Critical Logistics Partner


Being a logistic service provider, we handle a lot of challenges every day. Different industries have different kinds of challenges but thankfully with our fantastic team and being well-equipped, we are able to manage the needs of the industry in a seamless way. With us, we make sure that handling such challenging shipments of wines and spirits would be easy.

cargo shipment

No doubt that transporting wines and spirits is one of the biggest challenges that we face. Besides, with different nations having different parameters that we need to meet, we can make sure that choosing us would make it possible. We have handled it before and thus, we can guide you through the transportation as well. Not only do we have the racks that can easily transport wine internationally, but also being an international freight forwarding service provider, we make sure that the wines and spirits are safe. We keep the containers temperature controlled so that your consumers receive the best of what they are paying.

With some of the top innovative packaging solutions that we choose for the transportation of wine and spirits, we make sure that we are doing the best for you. We offer third party logistics service with our network that we have built over the years to make sure that we can offer you a peace of mind. So, any kind of sensitive goods, choose our logistic service to enjoy seamless transportation.

We Meet The Unique Requirements Of The Wine & Spirits Industry:

  • We have the temperature controlled containers for it
  • We have the specially built racks for transporting wine and spirits
  • We have the specialized transporting equipments
  • We have the trained professionals to meet all transportation needs for wines and spirits

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