Ocean Logistics

We provide one stop logistical solution for all types of cargo movement on the high seas:

Ocean Outbound:
We are a registered MTO (Multimodal Transport Operator) and offer door-to door services from all the ports in India to all international destinations and issue our own bill of loading.
We are also a non- USA based FMC (Federal Maritime Commission) certified and issue our own Bill of lading for the USA trade lanes.
We pride ourselves on our excellent relationship with most of the major carriers and enjoy Tier 1 rates. We file our own AMS & ISF online, approved by the CBP/US customs.

Ocean Inbound:
With our wide network of partners worldwide we are able to handle shipments from all parts of the world. Along with our partners we provide personalized services to our customers and provide end-to end movement information. We are well experienced with the clearance of all types of commodities.